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 Executive Consulting

Kaniikaniit Consulting provides a wide range of Indigenous executive consulting support services to get your organization going in the right direction. We focus on strategic planning, operational planning, organizational values, change management, conflict resolution, communication tools, and grant and proposal writing.

Planning: Every business needs to know two things. Where are you now, and where do you want to go? We will work with your unique organizational in a process to design your vision, mission, and strategic plan.

Vision: Where do you want to go?

Mission: How you get there?

Strategic Plan: A road map of key activities that will ensure that you stay the course and can measure your progress.

Operational (Implementation) Plan: Make your strategy work!

Child Care - planning, development, proposals, project management, and children's programming

Proposal Writing: Have a great idea? Need a proposal written to get the funding to see the idea come to life? We specialize in community, health, child and family services, and social services proposals.

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